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1. Of or relating to the sense of hearing or the organs of hearing.
2. Perceived by or spoken into the ear: an auricular confession.
3. Shaped like an ear or an earlobe; having earlike parts or extensions.
4. Of or relating to an auricle of the heart: auricular fibrillation.

[Middle English auriculer, spoken into the ear, from Late Latin auriculāris, from Latin auricula, ear; see auricle.]

au·ric′u·lar·ly adv.
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1. (Physiology) of, relating to, or received by the sense or organs of hearing; aural
2. shaped like an ear
3. (Anatomy) of or relating to an auricle of the heart
4. (Zoology) (of feathers) occurring in tufts surrounding the ears of owls and similar birds
(Zoology) (usually plural) an auricular feather
auˈricularly adv
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(ɔˈrɪk yə lər)

1. pertaining to the ear or to hearing; aural.
2. perceived by or addressed to the ear; made in private.
3. dependent on hearing; understood or known by hearing.
4. resembling an ear.
5. Usu., auriculars. the feathers that cover a bird's ear.
au•ric′u•lar•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.auricular - of or relating to near the earauricular - of or relating to near the ear  
2.auricular - relating to or perceived by or shaped like the organ of hearingauricular - relating to or perceived by or shaped like the organ of hearing; "my apprehension of words is auricular; I must hear what I read"- George Santayana; "an auricular confession"; "an auricular appendage"
3.auricular - pertaining to an auricle of the heartauricular - pertaining to an auricle of the heart; "auricular fibrillation"
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Known about by very few:
Informal: hush-hush.
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adj (Anat)
(of ear)aurikular (spec), → Ohren-, Hör-; auricular nerveHörnerv m; auricular confessionOhrenbeichte f, → geheime Beichte
(of heart)aurikular (spec), → Aurikular- (spec); auricular flutter(Herz)vorhofflattern nt
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, auricular
a. aural, auricular.
1. rel. al sentido del oído;
2. rel. a una aurícula del corazón.
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References in classic literature ?
To-day, each in her appropriate key, lisped, stuttered, mumbled, and jabbered as usual; about fifteen had racked me in turn, and my auricular nerve was expecting with resignation the discords of the sixteenth, when a full, though low voice, read out, in clear correct English-
When she ceased the auricular impressions from their previous endearments seemed to hustle away into the corner of their brains, repeating themselves as echoes from a time of supremely purblind foolishness.
This dignitary, conferring in secrecy with John Rokesmith on the subject of punch and wines, bent his head as though stooping to the Papistical practice of receiving auricular confession.
'I'm sure ye did,' replied the red-headed man, with a grin which agitated his countenance from one auricular organ to the other.
Hetty, hast thou forgotten who appeased thine anguish when thy auricular nerves were tortured by the colds and damps of the naked earth!
Auricular perichondritis is an inflammation of the connective tissue surrounding the cartilage of the ear.
In humans, "Traumatic auricular haematoma" is the medical term for which sporting injury?
Transition analysis (TA) is a component-based, multifactorial aging method that uses components from different anatomical elements (cranial sutures, pubic symphysis, and auricular surface).
auricular has antitumor, hypoglycemic, anticoagulant and cholesterol-lowering properties.
The auricular style--or kwab as it is termed in Dutch--is well represented at the Rijksmuseum.