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Shaped like an ear.

[Latin auris, ear; see ous- in Indo-European roots + -form.]
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Adj.1.auriform - having a shape resembling an ear
rounded - curving and somewhat round in shape rather than jagged; "low rounded hills"; "rounded shoulders"
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Tegumen with central projection narrow and more or less twisted, reaching to base of uncus; uncus broad, 1.5 times as wide as long, distally uneven, apically slightly indented, laterally with auriform extensions; gnathos elbow-shaped with small spines distally; saccus short and narrow; valva with inner lamella extremely expanded and folded, transtilla foliated, strongly sclerotized with spines, ventro-distal process with flattened top, wavy and serrate dorsally; aedeagus with suprazonal sheath equal to subzonal sheath, suprazonal sheath with lateral small spines on both sides; juxta more or less nose-like, upper margin V-shaped.
Head indistinctly longer than wide; in males vertex gently rounded posteriorly and sparsely tuberculate, in females roundly convex, tuberculate and with a pair of distinct auriform or foliaceous, laterally compressed lobes.