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n. pl. au·ro·ras or au·ro·rae (ə-rôr′ē)
1. A luminous atmospheric phenomenon appearing as streamers or bands of light sometimes visible in the night sky in northern or southern regions of the earth. It is thought to be caused by charged particles from the sun entering the earth's magnetic field and stimulating molecules in the atmosphere.
2. The dawn.

[Middle English, dawn, from Latin aurōra; see aus- in Indo-European roots.]

au·ro′ral, au·ro′re·an (-ē-ən) adj.
au·ro′ral·ly adv.

Au·ro·ra 1

n. Roman Mythology
The goddess of the dawn.

[Latin Aurōra; see aurora.]

Au·ro·ra 2

1. A city of north-central Colorado, a residential suburb of Denver.
2. A city of northeast Illinois on the Fox River west of Chicago. It developed as an industrial center.


of or resembling dawn
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Adj.1.aurorean - characteristic of the dawnaurorean - characteristic of the dawn; "a dim auroral glow"