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 (ou′slĕn′dər, -slăn′-)
A foreigner.

[German Ausländer, from Ausland, foreign country : aus-, away (from Middle High German ūz-, from Old High German, from ūz, out, away; see ud- in Indo-European roots) + Land, land; see hinterland.]
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(ˈaʊsˌlændə; German ˈauslɛndə)
(in a German-speaking country) a foreigner
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(ˈaʊsˌlæn dər, ˈɔˌslæn-)

foreigner; alien; outlander.
[< German Ausländer; see out-, land, -er1]
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Although the angel is reminiscent of the threatening cherubim in Genesis 3.24--a role Auslander stressed in "Die Vermittlung"--he does not guard Paradise against humans here, but instead has become the poet's jailor, standing with machine-like precision ("automatisch wachsam") between the imprisoned poet and the outside world.
David Kuchta's "The Making of the Self-Made Man" delineates how clothing began to define appropriate models of masculinity for Englishmen in the eighteenth century, while Leora Auslander, writing of France, challenges the standard view that in the nineteenth century the "producer" role was a masculine one, while the "consumer" role was feminine.
That region, called "Europe in a nutshell," gave rise also to Gong's contemporaries Paul Celan, Rose Auslander, and Immanuel Weissglas.
The poem 'Damit kein Licht uns liebe' by Rose Auslander was first published in 1965 and now appears as one of a new collection of Auslander's poems in English translation.
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"The release basically says, 'If I'm going to pay this amount, you can't sue me,"' said Eric Snyder, chairman of the bankruptcy practice at the Manhattan-based law firm Wilk Auslander. "The creditors are between a rock and a hard place.
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Hence, a collection of essays that creates a chorus of evidence that the burden is real that is a response to the false idea that slavery wasn't so bad and something we should all just "get over." The contributors include: Mark Auslander, Kevin B.