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An absolute ruler; a despot.

[Greek autarkhos, self-governing, autarch; see autarchy1.]


(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) an absolute ruler
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While in that scenario, the USA will become autarch, the impact on the German economy, the euro area's largest, would be translated in output loss of e1/419bn or only 0.6 per cent of gross domestic product, he said adding that he considered the scenario to be unlikely.
Governed by an autarch, the nation has an aristocracy but no indication of an imperial dynasty and a largely unknown mechanism of autarchal succession.
Now free, Mara's magical abilities make her valuable to those seeking to dethrone the oppressive Autarch and free the empire from his control.
Plentyt ocr owa bout JimCrowleywasbrilliantaboardBoston Blueand Autarch,comingthroughthe fieldlatewithwell-timedrunstolanda 29-1double.