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au·tar·chy 1

n. pl. au·tar·chies
1. Absolute rule or power; autocracy.
2. A country under such rule.

[From Greek autarkhos, self-governing, autarch : auto-, auto- + arkhos, ruler (from arkhein, to rule).]

au·tar′chic (-kĭk), au·tar′chi·cal (-kĭ-kəl) adj.

au·tar·chy 2

Variant of autarky.
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Adj.1.autarchic - of or relating to or characterized by autarchyautarchic - of or relating to or characterized by autarchy


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"We can not extend the discussion of the autarchic package beyond the next legislative year.
The countries considered here moved away from centrally planned, fundamentally autarchic economies with rather isolated societies.
The postdramatic analysis panel reflects some of the variables or patterns of the open model, the post-drama, namely: the non-causality of the action, absence of hierarchies of any kind, the disappearance of elements or autarchic signs in the work of art--like the text, for example--, the confrontation of disciplines in the scene--absence of harmony--, the self-referentiality, the microscenes to the detriment of the macro-stories, the collage of different scenes and many others that can be observed above.
The model is in effect heavily weighted towards the experience of integrating quasi-autarkic economies and autarchic polities--with extractive structures lacking contestability--into the liberal world economy.
Policymakers need to make sure that the benefits of openness are shared fairly, but going back to a world of autarchic, closed societies is not an option.
Turkmenistan, with considerable export grosses from cotton and natural gas, approved an autarchic political arrangement, looking for guarantees by United Nations that it would remain neutral (Pomfret, 2008, p-20).
Successive parliamentary elections since 2012 revealed a polarized political arrangement between those who believe in the country's European present and future and those who blame Europe for Greece's predicament and envision a parochial radical and/or autarchic alternative.
We observed above that autarchic manipulations of property might require redistribution away from others, at least for the patterned theorist.
As this technology becomes smaller and easier to launch, the detectability factor significantly decreases, which would allow adversaries to take autarchic actions against the US space enterprise with a lessened fear of retribution or discovery.
Leaving the EU would not in any event provide much respite from EU rules unless the UK government were prepared to operate an autarchic economic policy.
According to public service legislation and rules, the server is allowed to move in the probationary stage within the same unit, either by assignment, or by appointment to a position commissioned by institution's autarchic authority.
His biographical coordinates and his refusal to live in an autarchic, autistically-politicized society justify his affiliation with the Romanian dissident movement in France, a status which both uproots and dislocates the author through identity loss and gives him ways to rediscover individual freedom.