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au·tar·chy 1

n. pl. au·tar·chies
1. Absolute rule or power; autocracy.
2. A country under such rule.

[From Greek autarkhos, self-governing, autarch : auto-, auto- + arkhos, ruler (from arkhein, to rule).]

au·tar′chic (-kĭk), au·tar′chi·cal (-kĭ-kəl) adj.

au·tar·chy 2

Variant of autarky.
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Adj.1.autarchical - of or relating to or characterized by autarchyautarchical - of or relating to or characterized by autarchy


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If required for a crane driver rescue, the LiUP can also be operated autarchically.
Tradition, as a factor of modelling the language, manifests autarchically as suggesting a kind of "wild thinking", that others must obey unconditionally to the military caste rules, "in times of war", ambiguous and irregular phrases with the forms that the conflicts take in modern times.