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Noun1.authority figure - someone who is regarded as an authority by someone elseauthority figure - someone who is regarded as an authority by someone else
authority - (usually plural) persons who exercise (administrative) control over others; "the authorities have issued a curfew"
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Reid followed up this tweet with another one where she said there is "no credible national authority figure.
5 would be changed to read that an ad would be considered unduly manipulative or intrusive if it "uses an authority figure such as a judge or law enforcement officer, or an actor portraying an authority figure, to endorse or recommend the lawyer or act as a spokesperson for the lawyer.
These kids also do not see their controlling parents as legitimate authority figures, according to a new research from the University of New Hampshire.
Camp Serenity, where he works with childhood burn survivors, gives Russel a welcome break from harassment by homophobic high school jocks, but presents its own challenges: love triangles, misunderstandings with friends, bratty ten-year-olds and the demands of Russel's first try at being an authority figure.
If kids know they have direct access to an authority figure," he says, "it goes a long way toward relieving their stress.
The traditional authority figure was supposed to defend the community even to death.
But the most successful acted sequence--which could well have been a stand-alone video--is a series of interviews between the girls and an offscreen authority figure, voiced by Emin herself.
Many professions, but especially medicine, emphasize the need for control, the need to appear to be an authority figure with all the answers.
Stanley Milgram upped the ante in 1974 by studying obedience to a malevolent authority figure.
I'm using that term about someone who is trying to be an authority figure on me in just a real shitty way and leading me nowhere.
Positive effects of this interaction appear to be a decrease in the level of anxiety with an accompanying increase in comfort level while communicating traumatic events to an adult authority figure as well as the softening of the child's harsh life experience.
No traditional patriarchs, these--the `90s-era CEO combined the silver-templed authority figure of old with an appropriately up-to-date "out-of-the-box" image derived from Silicon Valley: reliable old dad and "edgy" young rebel wrapped into one.