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Noun1.authorized shares - the maximum number of shares authorized under the terms of a corporation's articles of incorporation
stock - the capital raised by a corporation through the issue of shares entitling holders to an ownership interest (equity); "he owns a controlling share of the company's stock"
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CHP said eligible stockholders would have the opportunity to participate and subscribe to the common shares which would be issued in connection with the proposed increase in the company's authorized capital stock.
An increase in authorized capital stock, followed by an equity deal, is seen by Cemex as the best option to improve its capital structure, provide balance sheet flexibility, and fund the ongoing expansion of its Solid Cement plant in Antipolo, Rizal.
It can be recalled that the AC Energy board just recently approved the increase in the authorized capital stock of its PHINMA Energy acquisition to P24.4 billion from currently at P8.4 billion.
200 million somoni went to replenishing the bank authorized capital stock and 500 million somoni were assigned for the swap.
In pursuit of its strategic expansion initiatives, PTandT increased its authorized capital stock to P15.6 billion that was approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission last October 31, 2018.
PAL Holdings has applied for government approval for an increase of its authorized capital stock from the current P13.5 billion to P20 billion, to support the ongoing network and fleet expansion initiatives to position PAL as a strong market player.
SMARTRAC intends to finance the transaction by the company's existing syndicated credit facility or a capital increase by issuing new shares within the authorized capital stock.
Founded by Iran`s Tejarat Bank and Belarus` Lada OMS Holding, the new bank has an authorized capital stock of more than e1/45 million, said the press office of the National Bank of Belarus.
Under this law, an insurer applying for a license must have 2 million rubles -- approximately $2,000 -- authorized capital stock, and a reinsurer 15 million rubles, or approximately $15,000.
547, 555-56 (1928) (increase in authorized capital stock).
The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta received an application from NBG International Bank in 1987 to increase the authorized capital stock in the Agreement Corporation.
and an increase in the firm's authorized capital stock from P8.4 billion to P24.4 billion, subject to the approval of shareholders and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

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