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tr.v. au·thor·ized, au·thor·iz·ing, au·thor·iz·es
1. To grant authority or power to.
2. To give permission for (something); sanction: the city agency that authorizes construction projects.

[Middle English auctorisen, from Old French autoriser, from Medieval Latin auctōrizāre, from Latin auctor, author; see author.]

au′thor·iz′er n.
Synonyms: authorize, accredit, commission, empower, license
These verbs mean to give someone the authority to act: authorized her partner to negotiate on her behalf; a representative who was accredited by his government; commissioned the real-estate agent to purchase the house; was empowered to make decisions during the president's absence; a pharmacist licensed to practice in two states.
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Noun1.authorizer - an authority who authorizes (people or actions); "the agents report back to their authorizers"
authority - (usually plural) persons who exercise (administrative) control over others; "the authorities have issued a curfew"
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CHARTER: This is the legally enforceable performance contract between authorizer and governing body that describes the school's program and its expected results, as well as the practices it will use and the metrics by which it will be evaluated.
Because several states have multiple postsecondary regulatory agencies, the unit of analysis is the authorizer, not the state.
It allows the authorizer to define templates, beneficiary details and clauses for Letters of Credit.
C, 39 have either been revoked by the city's authorizer or relinquished by the charter holder.
schools, the initial petition submitted to the authorizer must identify
In Indiana, the largest authorizer is Ball State University, which has chartered 39 of Indiana's charter schools (IDOE, 2012).
From 2007 to 2008, the Social Security Administration (SSA) employed a Social Security benefits authorizer who, in 1996, was found by the SSA to be incapable of performing any meaningful work.
Conversions warrant a statewide (non-district) authorizer to ensure real charter status and treatment.
According to Fitch, the Georgia ballot decision, which allows the state to directly authorize charter schools through a state commission, will provide existing and prospective charter schools with an alternative authorizer to the local school board and is considered a credit positive by Fitch.
New Mexico was one of only a handful of states that don't require a written performance contract between the school and its authorizer.
With regards to the first, she primarily seeks to describe how the Foreign Languages Press functioned as a translation employer, promoter, and authorizer from her own perspective as a short-term employee and late translation consumer.