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n. Computers
A function, as on a search engine, that supplies one or more options of predicted words or phrases beginning with the characters that a user has already entered.

au′to·com·plete′ v.
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Since I have practically no knowledge of nuclear physics I resorted to the iOS auto complete function to help me writing the paper," Bartneck wrote in a blog post titled 'iOS Just Got A Paper On Nuclear Physics Accepted At A Scientific Conference.
Limited Tenders are invited for Gun Al Auto Complete For Xtreme 185 Graco 2K Painting M/C
Another feature added is that that profile pictures of the contacts will show up in auto complete once the recipients are added in the send to option leading to lesser errors in sending messages.
London, May 15 ( ANI ): A German federal court has ordered Google to clean up the auto complete search suggestions that it offers.
Features such as auto complete and spelling suggestions help to refine searches accurately.
With the iOS 5 already working on improving notifications, the addition of Twitter would seem ideal along with existing options such as auto complete of hashtags, previews of attached photos before posting, auto-shortening of urls, and showcase of latest trend topics.
Any mentions of your Twitter handle are pushed to your home screen, and the app now offers auto complete suggestions after hashtags.
Sending incomplete emails, hitting the Reply All button in error and sending things to people we shouldn't have because we clicked in the wrong name when using the auto complete in our address header are part of a daily catalogue of faux pas for a lot of people.
A seven-speed auto complete with rapid-fire paddle shifters and a delightful throttle blip when downshifting is also available priced from pounds 31,895.
The device also has Nokia's Web Browser with Mini Map, with new features such as a floating toolbar, password manager and auto complete, as well as web feeds with support for Atom and auto update.
For browsers, Window Washer cleans the cache, cookies, history, drop-down address bar, and auto complete data forms.