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n. Computers
A feature, as in a spreadsheet, that automatically fills certain boxes with data based on information the user has entered elsewhere.

au′to·fill′ v.
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Prepare all the essentials for a colourful, fun filled Holi by stocking up on natural colours, water guns in different shapes with cartoon characters, auto fill water balloons (fill and seal up to 30 balloons in 60 seconds), and colourful sprays that will get the spirits going.
With Android O, users will get new features like notification channels and dots, shortcut pinning, picture-in-picture model, auto fill to name a few.
The campaign tackles the issues of weak passwords, the dangers of the auto fill feature, online sharing of information and awareness on new software and other factors that make an account unstable and vulnerable to danger, it said.
Burn Card Auto Fill - toggle the new Burn Card Auto Fill option in the Burn Card menu to automatically fill empty Burn Card slots.
Auto fill has also reduced inventory by 40%, decreasing inventory costs from $320,000 to $182,000 in one year.
Postcode Anywhere's Capture+ integration for Microsoft Dynamics 2013 aims to make customer contact and lead relationship management simpler with address auto fill.
With its Auto fill system, liquid nitrogen is drawn into the mill quickly and safely.
Immediately after dragging the Fill Handle, an Auto Fill Options icon appears to the right of the last entry in the series.
SMARTWebMove features functions like auto fill and auto save, an easier navigation status bar, and encrypted data transmission.
Options include tank agitators, auto fill valves, flow meters, edge filters, data-acquisition software, and an air-cleaned (ML) instead of mechanically cleaned (MX) mixhead.
An oil skimmer and auto fill options are available.