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According to official sources, the youth will be trained in different trades including civil survey, draftsman, electrician, installation of solar power generation system, auto mechanic and operation of heavy machinery.
A spokesman of FATA Development Authority said in an interview that the youth will be trained in heavy machinery, quantity survey, ac refrigeration, auto mechanic and civil surveyor.
This is a great business opportunity for auto mechanic to become their own Boss.
Kia Motors Corporation has started the construction on a pair of new community-run auto mechanic training centers in Ethiopia and Kenya.
William was employed as an Auto Mechanic for 16 years with Clearview Auto prior to retiring.
Borg asserts that the unreliability of automobiles tempered the libratory potential of the new technology, cultivated anxiety among users, and created a new occupation, that of the auto mechanic.
While major car manufacturers are reeling from a sales slump, one sector of the auto industry is expected to gain with the current economic crisis--the parts and service departments of auto dealers as well as your local auto mechanic.
Auto Business News-1 December 2008-Isuzu opens TESDA Auto Mechanic Training Centre in Tacloban(C)2008 ENPublishing - http://www.
Kevin Borg has provided historians of both transport and of technology an important, well written, and well researched book that attempts to fill a long-standing void in the history of automobility--a study of the occupation of the auto mechanic from its advent to the present time.
For example, here you will meet a computer programmer, a grandmother, a school teacher, an auto mechanic, a CPA, and a journalist.
From the KLIATT review of the book, March 2006: "Set in Indiana in 1914, this folksy comedy features PeeWee, age 14, who worships her big brother Jake, an auto mechanic, and helps him out in their garage.
If a man dresses as a slob, plays football, works as an auto mechanic, and is in love with a man, is he not gay?