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n. pl. au·to·bi·og·ra·phies
The biography of a person written by that person.

au′to·bi·og′ra·pher n.
au′to·bi′o·graph′ic (-bī′ə-grăf′ĭk), au′to·bi′o·graph′i·cal adj.
au′to·bi′o·graph′i·cal·ly adv.
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Adj.1.autobiographic - of or relating to or characteristic of an autobiographer; "he seldom suppressed his autobiographical tendencies"
2.autobiographic - relating to or in the style of an autobiography; "they compiled an autobiographical history of the movement"
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[ˈɔːtəʊˌbaɪəʊˈgræfɪk] autobiographical [ˈɔːtəʊˌbaɪəʊˈgræfɪkl] adjautobiografico/a
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(oːtəbaiˈogrəfi) noun
the story of a person's life written by himself.
ˌautobioˈgraphic(al) (-ˈgrӕ-) adjective
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It is couched, like so much of his work, in the autobiographic form, which next to the dramatic form is the most natural, and which lends itself with such flexibility to the purpose of the author.
Young as he was, and had his career terminated at the point already attained, there had been enough of incident to fill, very creditably, an autobiographic volume.
His last novel, 'Amelia,' is a half autobiographic account of his own follies.
He continued the autobiographic quartet with "Hadouta Masryia" (An Egyptian story) in 1982, "Eskendria Kaman we Kaman" (Alexandria Again and Again) in 1990 and "Eskendria...New York" (Alexandria...New York) in 2004.
Abdullah Yusuf Al Mutawa, who presented him a copy of his autobiographic (From village up bringing to state education) and (what the weekly star said).
Hence we find numerous autobiographic parts which are, at first confusingly, formulated in the third person singular.
She added: 'Brain scans of people with sleep apnoea show they have a significant loss of grey matter from regions that overlap with the autobiographic memory network.'
So began, for fans of the couple, the intense anticipation for the autobiographic story of two of the United States' most iconic leaders.
In fact, when my mother was writing her autobiographic trilogy, she seriously considered calling it "The Last Filipina," but I told her it was unfair to us who were leaning from her and whom she had purposefully inoculated against the dire effects of those "50 years in Hollywood."
The resulting film, titled Skibet/Hatikvah, is an intriguing mixture of autobiographic documentary, cinema verite, and interviews that remains our only window into the emigres' state of mind, and their first impressions of life in the West.
The following is an autobiographic single clinical-case observation, an anecdote.