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n. Computers
A function, as on a search engine, that supplies one or more options of predicted words or phrases beginning with the characters that a user has already entered.

au′to·com·plete′ v.
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Even the autocomplete feature on phones, recommendations from Netflix, and Facebook's ability to recognize our faces in a photo posted by friends, are examples of AI.
AI can begin as a simple tool embedded in other programs, such as the autocomplete function in search engines and word processors.
"When Google altered its algorithm to remove "Are Jews evil?" from its autocomplete function, the number of people making this search fell by 10 per cent.
Our policies also prohibit autocomplete predictions for these topics, and we will remove any suggestions which don't comply with our policies."
She did her job so effectively 30 years ago that now she need only raise an eyebrow and I fill in the blanks on autocomplete.
To help users refine their query, the search feature will autocomplete over 30K currently recognized gene symbols.
Google said it was planning to extend gender-specific translations to more languages, 'and address gender bias in features like query autocomplete.'
An autocomplete box will appear with all of the available fields from the data card.
In 2016, Google altered its search engine's autocomplete function after it suggested the anti-Semitic query "are jews evil" when users sought information about Jews.