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Self-fertilization, especially:
a. Fertilization of a flower by its own pollen.
b. The union of nuclei within and arising from a single cell, as in certain protozoans and fungi.

au′to·gam′ic (ô′tō-găm′ĭk), au·tog′a·mous adj.
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Adj.1.autogamous - characterized by or fit for autogamy
phytology, botany - the branch of biology that studies plants
endogamic, endogamous - characterized by or fit for fertilization by pollen from another flower of the same kind
exogamic, exogamous - characterized by or fit for fertilization by a flower that is not closely related
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A lack of fruit found in nearly all autogamously hand pollinated plants and the high pollen to ovule ratio (Cruden, 1977) strongly suggest that this species, unlike Trillium sessile, is self-incompatible.
Genetic diversity was found within and among the three sampling levels indicating that diversity of Atriplex prostrata, even though it can reproduce autogamously, has been maintained over a 20 y period.
Autogamously self-pollinated inflorescences were bagged throughout the flowering season using bridal veiling (selfed treatment).