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Self-fertilization, especially:
a. Fertilization of a flower by its own pollen.
b. The union of nuclei within and arising from a single cell, as in certain protozoans and fungi.

au′to·gam′ic (ô′tō-găm′ĭk), au·tog′a·mous adj.


1. (Botany) self-fertilization in flowering plants
2. (Biology) a type of sexual reproduction, occurring in some protozoans, in which the uniting gametes are derived from the same cell
auˈtogamous, autogamic adj


(ɔˈtɒg ə mi)

1. pollination of the ovules of a flower by its own pollen; self-fertilization (opposed to allogamy).
2. conjugation in an individual organism by division of its nucleus into two parts that in turn reunite to form a zygote.
au•tog′a•mous, au•to•gam•ic (ˌɔ toʊˈgæm ɪk) adj.
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Noun1.autogamy - self-fertilization in plants
self-fertilisation, self-fertilization - fertilization by the union of male and female gametes from the same individual
allogamy - cross-fertilization in plants
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are the major pollinators of the congeners although both show a minor degree of autogamy (Haddock and Chaplin, 1982).
Spellenberg (1975) studied populations of some subspecies in the western United States and proposed that autogamy and hybridization were common means that accounted for much of the morphological variation, and thus, the taxonomic difficulty encountered in the complex.