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1. A person's own signature, especially considered as a collector's item.
a. A person's own handwriting.
b. A manuscript in the author's handwriting.
tr.v. au·to·graphed, au·to·graph·ing, au·to·graphs
1. To write one's name or signature on or in; sign: The actor autographed a picture of himself.
2. To write in one's own handwriting.
Written in the writer's own handwriting: an autograph letter.

[Late Latin autographum, from neuter of Latin autographus, written with one's own hand, from Greek autographos : auto-, auto- + graphein, to write; see -graph.]

au′to·graph′ic, au′to·graph′i·cal adj.
au′to·graph′i·cal·ly adv.
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Adj.1.autographed - bearing an autographautographed - bearing an autograph; "an autographed copy of his latest book"
signed - having a handwritten signature; "a signed letter"
References in classic literature ?
It has in its park a martello tower, autographed all over by tourists, a dismantled old French fort on the hills beyond the town, and several antiquated cannon in its public squares.
Exclusive digital authentic signatures allow fans to print or order custom autographed photos directly from home without the cost or hassle of attaining traditional memorabilia.
To his initial surprise, many stars answered his letters, sending their autograph back free of charge and sometimes even including a short note or additional autographed pictures.
He said it was his dream to open a museum of his collection of autographed cricket equipment.
And a trawl of ebay last night produced just two signed shirts from the 2008-09 season, one autographed by Luke Moore and the other by Marc Fortune.
Visiting Tampa Bay players brought along team pennants for all the patients and autographed footballs for some severely wounded Iraq War veterans being treated at the Tampa VA Polytrauma Center.
First prize winners for each age group will receive a NASA flight jacket, a mahogany model of a NASA aircraft and an autographed photo of a NASA research pilot.
The long-standing fan from Middlesbrough just doesn't collect any old autographs, but collects autographed photos.
Valued at pounds 12,500, a signed picture of the Fab Four is worth pounds 5,000 more than the joint second items in the list, a set of signatures from The Beatles, and a photo autographed by the crew of Apollo 11, the first manned spacecraft to land on the moon.
A fan wrote, raving about her show and asking for an autographed photo.
Lamb; a round-trip ticket from Delta Airlines to Tokyo; dinners at Aureole and Gino's; ocean-front accommodations at the exclusive Sol/Miami Beach Hotel; a bottle of Dom Perignon champagne; a Michael Jordan-autographed Chicago Bulls jersey; a Triple Crown baseball autographed by Ted Williams, Mickey Mantle, Frank Robinson and Carl Yasztremski; a Joe Montana-autographed Notre Dame Cotton Bowl football; a weekend at the Warner Ranch; six box seats to the Houston Polo Club; and one week at the Kona, Hawaii, Studio Ocean-front Condo.
The autographed sets of the premier edition are printed on uncut sheets (posters).