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1. A person's own signature, especially considered as a collector's item.
a. A person's own handwriting.
b. A manuscript in the author's handwriting.
tr.v. au·to·graphed, au·to·graph·ing, au·to·graphs
1. To write one's name or signature on or in; sign: The actor autographed a picture of himself.
2. To write in one's own handwriting.
Written in the writer's own handwriting: an autograph letter.

[Late Latin autographum, from neuter of Latin autographus, written with one's own hand, from Greek autographos : auto-, auto- + graphein, to write; see -graph.]

au′to·graph′ic, au′to·graph′i·cal adj.
au′to·graph′i·cal·ly adv.
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Adj.1.autographic - written in the author's own handwritingautographic - written in the author's own handwriting
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But when, about half-past nine o'clock, Rabourdin looked at his memorandum he saw at once the effects of the copying process, and all the more readily because he was then considering whether these autographic presses could not be made to do the work of copying clerks.
The work has a nostalgic quality but also elements of autographic text and European abstract modernism.
data loggers were initially installed on the network during the period 1999-2001 to replace autographic chart recorders.
He does not partake in the fetiShization of the autographic, originary sketch so common in his field.
It captures a loosely defined style or a genre of autographic representation sometimes used, for lack of any other term, to describe the whimsical and obscure and sometimes appropriated for commercial marketing purposes that ultimately have very little to do with doodling.
The Royal Library bought the correspondence of the Belgian composer Jean-Theodore Radoux (1835-1911), a letter from Gretry, and the autographic manuscript of La jeunesse de Gretry of the Brussels pianist and composer Felix Pardon (1851-1921).
The team will hold an autographic session after the match.
dis-closures, the autographic presses the reader to reconsider the
In addition to working with data from Excel, Autographic Insight reports can be updated automatically from any data source directly via an API or even through specifically designed mobile apps, allowing information to be displayed in real time, saving time and money.
Isolation of antioxidants from Psoralea corylifolia fruits using high-speed counter-current chromatography guided by thin layer chromatography-antioxidant autographic assay.
A complete copy of the original is kept at the Nuri 'Uthmania Library, Istanbul; the other, a rough incomplete autographic copy, is at the Oriental Manuscript Collection of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan.
Among their topics are structuralism and/or the semiotic-pragmatic approach to literature, subjectivity as performance in literary texts, and materiality and performativity in autographic art practices.