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1. A person's own signature, especially considered as a collector's item.
a. A person's own handwriting.
b. A manuscript in the author's handwriting.
tr.v. au·to·graphed, au·to·graph·ing, au·to·graphs
1. To write one's name or signature on or in; sign: The actor autographed a picture of himself.
2. To write in one's own handwriting.
Written in the writer's own handwriting: an autograph letter.

[Late Latin autographum, from neuter of Latin autographus, written with one's own hand, from Greek autographos : auto-, auto- + graphein, to write; see -graph.]

au′to·graph′ic, au′to·graph′i·cal adj.
au′to·graph′i·cal·ly adv.
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Adj.1.autographic - written in the author's own handwritingautographic - written in the author's own handwriting
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But when, about half-past nine o'clock, Rabourdin looked at his memorandum he saw at once the effects of the copying process, and all the more readily because he was then considering whether these autographic presses could not be made to do the work of copying clerks.
Autographic insideness, that is, identity and belonging based on cumulative experience of living in a place, is important to older immigrants' well-being.
(5) Its artists emphasized their connection to wood as material through the woodblock matrix, which offered a receptive surface for their autographic mark-making with knife and gouge.
With the increasing ubiquity and sophistication of sound recording technology in the mid-20th century, musicians and audiences alike began to pay more attention to the "autographic" elements of musical expression (Gracyk, 1996)--the aspects of the sound, such as timbre and reverberation, that are not typically notated on a score.
In 1915, the development of the VPK Autographic, which allowed users to write on the film with a metal stylus to label it (24), those using the camera on the battlefront could now record the names, dates, and places depicted in the photographs, thus serving as a more accurate record of events that took place away from the public eye.
"Autographic Disclosures and Genealogies of Desire in Alison Bechdel's Fun Home." Biography 31.1: 27-58.
Paul's Large Letters: Paul's Autographic Subscriptions in the Light of Ancient Epistolary Conventions
Invoking the emphatically black-and-white periods of Abstract Expressionists Franz Kline and Willem de Kooning, her paintings evidence an autographic directness in the surety of their line work while proposing, intriguingly, "black-and-white" as an independent medium with its own line of vision.
Furlan, "A rapid TLC autographic method for the detection of xanthine oxidase inhibitors and superoxide scavengers," Phytochemical Analysis, vol.
Based on the design for Thomas Edison's autographic printer, which was essentially a motorized engraving tool, O'Reilly's invention sped up the process of tattooing while vastly improving the quality of the final product.
Tenders are invited for Providing Assiatance for collecting and submission of Meteorological Data collection Of Ordinary Rain Gauge Staion, Autographic Rain Gauge Station & Hydrologicai data collection of River Gauging Stations for H.P.