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1. The writing of something in one's own handwriting.
2. Autographs considered as a group.


1. the writing of something in one's own handwriting; something handwritten
2. (Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) the precise reproduction of an illustration or of writing


(ɔˈtɒg rə fi)

autographs collectively.


the act of writing something by hand. — autographer, n.autographic, adj.autographically, adv.
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the process in lithography of transferring writings and drawings to a stone surface. — autographic, adj.autographically, adv.
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Spearing's Medieval Autographies: The "I" of the Text (Notre Dame: University of Notre Dame Press, 2012) applies this model of autography to readings of relevant medieval texts.
1:1000-1: 2000 dilution in TBS-Tween/5% milk) incubated for 1 h at room temperature and enhanced chemoluminescence (ECL Western blotting analysis system, GE Healthcare/Amersham-Biosciences, Freiburg, Germany) was detected by film autography.
Majella told of her own battle with depression last year in her autography, It's All In My Head: My Story.
Another factor is the originality of the work: even if the concept of autography was quite different from our modern understanding (plagiarism was not a legal issue), copies, often performed by minor painters, implied less work because they did not require a preliminary creative activity.
The term 'maqasid' was first used in the early fourth century and appeared in the juristic autography of Abu 'Abd Allah al-Tirmidhi al-Hakim (d.
Then the last section, this short series of Autography poems, is meant to directly write my life to the reader in ways that the lyric, narrative, rhetorical strategies of the first four sections attempted but may have failed to do.
The outcome measures included both objective and subjective sleep parameters for the sleep laboratory: Polysomnography (PSG), sleep questionnaire and home recordings (wrist autography and sleep diaries).
Upasalca Lu K'uan Yu (Charles Luk), Practical Buddhism (London: Rider & Company, 1971), 57-162, translates the autography and its annotation into English.
At the book signing Friday, green thumbs young and old waited for Georges to autography their copies.
Jeon JJ (2011) Eliot's Shadows: Autography and Style in "The Hollow Men.