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(Medicine) med a process in which a patient receives some of his or her own blood in a transfusion rather than a donor's blood


(ˌɔ toʊ trænsˈfyu ʒən)

a blood transfusion using the recipient's own blood, either from a previously stored supply or from blood recovered during surgery.


n (Med) → Eigenbluttransfusion f


n. autotranfusión, transfusión de la propia sangre del individuo.
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Studies show that intestinal insufflation produces the same level of peroxides and antioxidant systems as major autohemotherapy (infrared intravenous blood irradiation and ozonation) and is much easier, cheaper, and faster.
Although ozone is one of the most potent oxidants, has not been yet used as an agent to produce oxidative stress when it is applied intraperitoneal, rectal insufflations or autohemotherapy.
Shannon has been actively engaged in medical bio-oxidative (O3 based), research since 1987 and was directly responsible for the first human clinical trial to have ever been approved in North America which examined the efficacy of O3 delivered via autohemotherapy in the treatment of AIDS.
Ozone and peroxide delivered IV especially with major autohemotherapy, passing the patient's blood by an ultraviolet light, adding ozone or peroxide, and returning the blood past the UV light and back to the body has a wonderful effect on pulmonary problems.