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(Medicine) med a process in which a patient receives some of his or her own blood in a transfusion rather than a donor's blood


(ˌɔ toʊ trænsˈfyu ʒən)

a blood transfusion using the recipient's own blood, either from a previously stored supply or from blood recovered during surgery.


n (Med) → Eigenbluttransfusion f


n. autotranfusión, transfusión de la propia sangre del individuo.
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It can be mixed with liquid or other gases and then injected in different areas such as the rectum, under the skin, through muscle or a vein, or via the most common that is autohemotherapy, wherein blood is drawn, placed in a machine when ozone is added and is reinjected into the body.
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After that it was decided to undertake autohemotherapy. For this, 20 ml of venous blood was collected by jugular venipuncture and 10 ml of blood was injected deep I/M and another 10 ml was injected S/C weekly for six weeks.
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We used autologous serum therapy in place of autohemotherapy as the circulating autoreactive factor is present in the serum, not in the cellular components of blood.
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Ozone autohemotherapy is an emerging therapeutic technique that can change the brain metabolism.
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