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(Medicine) med a process in which a patient receives some of his or her own blood in a transfusion rather than a donor's blood


(ˌɔ toʊ trænsˈfyu ʒən)

a blood transfusion using the recipient's own blood, either from a previously stored supply or from blood recovered during surgery.


n (Med) → Eigenbluttransfusion f


n. autotranfusión, transfusión de la propia sangre del individuo.
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We used autologous serum therapy in place of autohemotherapy as the circulating autoreactive factor is present in the serum, not in the cellular components of blood.
Ozone autohemotherapy is an emerging therapeutic technique that can change the brain metabolism.
Studies show that intestinal insufflation produces the same level of peroxides and antioxidant systems as major autohemotherapy (infrared intravenous blood irradiation and ozonation) and is much easier, cheaper, and faster.
Out of four animals, two received only autogenous vaccine (group 1) while two other received autogenous vaccine alongwith autohemotherapy (group 2).
Dois relatos de caso: Autohemotherapy at acupuncture points post orchiectomy surgery in cart horses--eight cases report; e Carcinoma de celulas escamosas em um cao com alopecia por diluicao de cor.