Being a word that possesses the characteristic it describes. The word polysyllabic is autological, since it is itself polysyllabic.

[auto- + Greek logos, word, speech; see logo- + -ic + -al (translation of German autologisch).]

au′to·log′i·cal·ly adv.
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According to him, her sickness is two-fold- neurological and autological sides.
Thus careful selection and judicious use of antibiotic with antibiotics sensitivity test help to reduce autological cure and morbidity.
Endon: a "quasi autological" game that crystallizes, in miniature, the Geulingian fascination with the reduction of self to "immanent mental activity in man" (65).
Cells were plated at 3 x [10.sup.6] /well in 24-well plates (Sarstedt) in RPMI1640 (PAA) supplemented with 2 mM L-glutamine, 50 [micro]g/mL gentamicin (Sigma), and 10% autological human serum.
A fifteen-year prospective study was comprised of 44 patients (27 men, 17 women, aged 1291, mean 56 years of age) who had gastrointestinal bleeding (obscure-overt bleeding) and underwent scintigraphy with in vivo tagged autological RBCs by means of [sup.99m]Tc.
Rather it means to open up the autological and tautological circle of systems of representation and their discourse so that women may speak (of) their sex.
All of these have to respect that media culture studies can only operate in an autological and self-referential way (i.e., as a microsystem within a macro-system).
(1998) "The Autological Foundation and Actualization of Peace: The Role of the Observer and the Designer in the Peace Paradox." In: Lasker G.E.
The emphasis here is on the emergence of a global political constitution and a global legal system through polycentric, plural, autological processes that produce valid legal norms that regulate actors connected through complex networks bounded not by territory but by function, communicative codes, and particular practices.
A polycontextual society in which economic reasons cannot be immediately turned into political reasons; in which the arts and religion, law and medicine follow their own autological and untranslatable codes and where science offers just one more perspective in which we can find knowledge.
(15.) On the autological concept of complexity, see Niklas Luhmann, Die Gesellschaft der Gessellschaft 136.
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