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 (ô-tŏl′ĭ-sāt′, -zāt′)
An end product of autolysis.
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(ɔːˈtɒlɪˌzeɪt) or


the substances resulting as the end product of autolysis
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Contains cells and autolysate of bacteria Enterococcus faecalis and Escherichia coli 1.5-4.5x10 7.
This strain, which was isolated from the Dead Sea on glycine and yeast autolysate [33], has just prior had its genome sequenced [34].
The baits evaluated were: (1) Nu-Lure[R] Insect Bait (44% corn gluten meal, hydrolyzed; Miller Chemical and Fertilizer Corp., Hanover, Pennsylvania) [= Nu-Lure]; (2) Buminal[R] (38.67% hydrolyzed protein; NABA GmbH, Gierstadt, Germany) [= Buminal]; (3) Bugs for Bugs[R] Fruit Fly Bait (50% yeast autolysate; Mauri Yeast, Camellia, NSW, Australia) (solids 50%, papain 0.2%, protein 55%, potassium sorbate 0.12%, no salt) [= Bugs for Bugs]; and (4) beer waste.
The health promoting capability of [beta]-glucan extracted from the yeast is comparatively higher than earlier report on baker yeast autolysate 0.080 [+ or -] 0.006 mg/mL [32].
Prochymosin C is an autolysate of prochymosin A, the Asp286-Glu287-Phe288 of A is removed to generate Prochymosin C (Kageyama, 2002).
Yeast Market by Type (Baker's, Brewer's, Wine, Feed, Bio-ethanol), Form (Dry, Instant, Fresh), Application (Food, Feed), Species, & Specialty Yeast Market by Type (Yeast Extract, Autolysate, B-glucan), & by Region - Global Trend & Forecast to 2021
Chemical characterization of yeast autolysate and assessment of the acceptability of cheese buns containing dried autolysate.
When yeast cells are inactivated through various production processes (inactivated yeast and yeast autolysate), the nitrogen found in the yeast proteins, peptides, tripeptides and free amino acids is available for the fermenting yeast cells to use during alcoholic fermentation.
notatum autolysate could hydrolyze both of the acyl linkages of lecithin simultaneously, yielding 2 moles of fatty acids and one mole of GPC.
Response surface optimization of D(-)-lactic acid production from Lactobacillus SMI8 using corn steep liquor and yeast autolysate as nitrogen sources.
The fermentation of beetroot and carrot juices, with addition of brewer's yeast autolysate, was also carried out by various workers like Rankin et al.
Yeast extracts (is an autolysate of yeast cells used in preparing microbiological culture media) were applied at two stages of development [early podding (R3) and mid podding (R4); (Fehr et al., 1971)].