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The breaking down of cells or tissues by their own enzymes. Also called self-digestion.

au′to·lyt′ic (ô′tə-lĭt′ĭk) adj.
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Adj.1.autolytic - of or relating to self-digestion
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The decrease in protein in the meat of fish could be due to reduction in salt and water soluble (Chomnawang et al., 2007) or because of autolytic degradation combine with endogenous enzymes and bacteria (Hultmann and Rustad, 2004).
NPWTi is believed to be superior over conventional NPWT alone for enhancing autolytic and mechanical debridement and decreased microbial burden8.
Careful local wound care was performed by skilled doctors and nurses from the dermatology department: cleaning with antiseptic soaps and solutions; autolytic debridement with hydrogels; hydrocolloid and silver alginate dressings; conservative sharp debridement of necrotic tissue by using a scalpel, scissors, and curette; and compression with long- and later short-stretch bandages due to accompanying edema.
(4,10) We hypothesize that rapid chilling of tissue will in fact slow down these autolytic cellular processes.
Thermophilic actinobacterial species with autolytic characteristics were also isolated from the thermal springs in Yunnan, China.
Comparative toxicity and mutagenicity of aflatoxin B1 and its autolytic breakdown products.
More than 500 disease-related mutations spanning the whole length of CAPN3 have been identified in LGMD2A so far, causing either significantly decreased expression or defective autolytic function of the calpain 3 protein.
The data presented in this study highlight the mechanisms of the autolytic process and its influence both on the morphological composition of the lean tissue and on the shelf life of the meat.
Increase in pH due to the accumulation of alkaline compounds through autolytic activities and microbial metabolism has been reported in earlier studies [18-20].