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The breaking down of cells or tissues by their own enzymes. Also called self-digestion.

au′to·lyt′ic (ô′tə-lĭt′ĭk) adj.
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Adj.1.autolytic - of or relating to self-digestion
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Influence of the incubation temperature on the autolytic activity of Lactobacillus acidophilus.
4] Silver dressings maintain moisture in wound environment and help in facilitation of autolytic debridement.
All thoracic and abdominal organs showed initial autolytic changes, the liver was increased in volume, soft tissues appeared edematous and brain was almost completely autolytic.
On exposure to [beta]-lactam antibiotics, bacteria eventually lyse because of the ongoing activity of cell wall autolytic enzymes while cell wall assembly is arrested.
2006) reported that the increased activities of ALT, AST and ALP have been attributed to the damaged structural integrity of the liver, because these are cytoplasmic in location and they are released into plasma as result of autolytic breakdown or cellular necrosis into circulation after cellular damage.
This way, self-aggression is in continuity with the "global" being of the suicide, the autolytic behavior cannot always be explained by its immediate causes, although it does not position itself outside circumstances.
The differences in trypsin molecular mass may be due to genetic variation among species, but the possibility that these differences are caused by autolytic degradation should not be excluded (Lu et al.
Changes in the water-holding capacity of meat during postmortem aging, observed in our study, resulted from autolytic degradation of cytoskeletal proteins (Huff- Lonergan and Lonergan, 2005).
The medication is formulated to create a moist healing environment that promotes granulation, epitheliazation and autolytic debridement while providing prolonged anesthesia of the wound, there by reducing the need for systemic pain medications, including opiate-based drugs.
Astero[R] is specifically formulated to create a moist healing environment, which promotes granulation, epithelialization, and autolytic debridement, while providing prolonged anesthesia of the wound, lessening the need for systemic pain medications including opiate based drugs.