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v. au·to·mat·ed, au·to·mat·ing, au·to·mates
1. To convert to automatic operation: automate a factory.
2. To control or operate by automation.
To make use of or be converted to automation: a food service that decided to automate for greater efficiency.

[Back-formation from automation.]

au′to·mat′a·ble adj.
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able to be done by machines without human action
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The article quotes the CEO and CTO at Trisotech, Denis Gagne as saying that the company's strategy is to improve on the areas of software interoperability, automatable clinical guidelines, and evidence-based medicine in HIT, noting that data and analytics are now integral to clinical practice.
In response to how AI will change the future of business operations Martin Treder, MD of Data Management at FedEx, The Netherlands, shared his thoughts: "RPA (Robotic Process Automation) will become a commodity, with more and more "intelligent" processes becoming automatable. Countries with high labour cost will lead this development.
Ambient temperature, lighting, security cameras, elevators, parking and water management are just some of the automatable services currently supported by the technology.
Technology may bring about the automation of an expanding amount of tasks throughout a broad series of occupations, and although the entire volume of jobs that are fully automatable is likely less than expected, there will be an ampler alteration in the inherent attributes of numerous jobs (Chessell, 2018; Mihaila et al., 2018; Nica et al., 2018; Nordberg, 2017; Peters and Besley, 2017; Popescu Ljungholm, 2017; Popescu et al., 2018; Sion, 2018; Sorells, 2018), leading to an increasing skills mismatch.
The activities identified as being automatable with RPA will need to be subdivided into discrete steps that can be translated into programmable functions.
Both routine physical and routine cognitive tasks are highly automatable. Because men are more highly represented in routine physical occupations (such as machine operators), 40% of their overall job losses will fall into this category.
Figure 4 Jobs with high potential for automation or significant change in task (%) Automatable Significant change Slovak Republic 11.2 36.14 Czech Republic 10.4 37.18 Italy 10.3 36.14 Germany 13.6 32.77 Austria 13.2 30.24 Poland 8.3 31.38 Netherlands 10.1 27.34 United Kingdom 11.4 26.44 United States 10.2 26.35 Spain 13.4 23.36 Norway 11.8 24.38 Denmark 10.2 25.64 Canada 10.7 24.75 Ireland 9.6 24.12 Sweden 8.9 23.71 France 10.1 22.14 Japan 8.3 23.67 Belgium 8.1 22.89 Finland 8.3 22.45 Estonia 8.1 22.78 Korea 7.7 19.36 Sources: OECD; National Post; my 2018 data.
Table 5 Workers in jobs at high and medium risk of automation (%) Automatable (>70% risk) Change in tasks (50-70% risk) KOR 7 20 EST 8 22 FIN 8 22 BEL 9 23 JPN 9 24 FRA 10 25 SWE 8 26 IRL 9 27 CAN 10 28 DNK 10 27 NOR 11 29 ESP 12 28 USA 10 29 GBR 12 28 NLD 10 30 POL 8 32 AUT 14 36 DEU 13 28 ITA 10 38 CZE 10 42 SVK 11 42 Sources: OECD; my 2018 data.
Developers can expect the same flawless experience and Pantheon customers will have access to an increased number of automatable features through our managed updates service.
Apostle's innovations include Apostle MiniMax(TM), a new scalable and automatable method to efficiently capture cfDNA from a standard blood draw.
"For example, you would expect that jobs that involve performing open heart surgery, composing music or looking after children are less likely to be automatable," the report elaborated.