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v. au·to·mat·ed, au·to·mat·ing, au·to·mates
1. To convert to automatic operation: automate a factory.
2. To control or operate by automation.
To make use of or be converted to automation: a food service that decided to automate for greater efficiency.

[Back-formation from automation.]

au′to·mat′a·ble adj.


able to be done by machines without human action
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Unlike existing cloud brokerage solutions that manually recommend workload placement to public cloud service providers (CSPs), Intelligent Cloud Control enables Verizon customers to take advantage of software to drive real-time, automatable, price, performance and compliance-based placements.
A automatable on-line series autosampler with calibration, a briefing, a one-day training, the issue of a German guide, the transfer of licenses for the application software.
Adoption of the DMN notation standard remains fully consistent with, and complements The Decision Model (TDM), Sapiens DECISION's market-leading methodology for simply and efficiently achieving comprehensive and automatable models of logic.
By 2025, robots should be able to handle 30 to 40 per cent of automatable tasks in these industries.
Yet this 47 percent figure comes mainly from the authors "subjectively" (their word) labeling 30 particular kinds of jobs as automatable and 40 as not.
Built with usability in mind, the NextPrep-Mag cfDNA Isolation Kit is readily automatable for high throughput liquid biopsy or circulating fetal DNA studies.
However, they do not provide a standard approach to correctly identify all potentially elements in a fully automatic manner using formal specifications, and therefore, there is a need for Automatable rules based on standard transformation language.
now show that flow sorting can provide a fast, automatable, and effective way to isolate individual CTCs from CellSearch cartridges that is superior to micromanipulation, having the major advantage of direct use of the standard fluorescence staining of the CellSearch system.
Wako Diagnostics continues providing "best in class" chemistry reagents and unique automatable assays for diagnostic clinical use.
These on-going application developments provide a broad scope of SUS technologies that permitted biopharma to integrate various unit operations into a fully disposable automatable single-use system.
The primary goal of this project was to make the flow-generalization process repeatable, automatable, and applicable to other hydrographic data sets that contain flow data.
Utimaco, a provider of lawful interception and data retention-systems, announced on Thursday that its software for SafeGuard CryptoServer LAN and SafeGuard SecurityServer Hardware security modules (HSMs) has been updated to feature comprehensive and automatable monitoring functionalities.