automated-teller machine

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au′tomated-tell′er machine`

an electronic machine that provides banking services when activated by insertion of a plastic card. Abbr.: ATM Also called au′tomated tell′er.
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The new software is based on KAL's highly successful Kalignite product family, where most of the tools, utilities and common code for all required types of devices are already in use in the "mission critical" Automated-Teller Machine (ATM) environment.
Fujitsu provides, point-of-sale (POS) hardware and software, handheld devices, Web-enabled automated-teller machines (ATMs) and services.
is exclusively using Eiconcard C21 wide-area network interface cards to provide secure and reliable connectivity between its Series 8000(TM) family of automated-teller machines (ATMs) and banks' X.

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