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Noun1.automatic gun - a firearm that reloads itself and keeps firing until the trigger is releasedautomatic gun - a firearm that reloads itself and keeps firing until the trigger is released
autoloader, self-loader - a firearm that reloads itself
automatic pistol, automatic - a pistol that will keep firing until the ammunition is gone or the trigger is released
machine gun - a rapidly firing automatic gun (often mounted)
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in introducing the Automatic Gun Fire Prevention Act, a bill to close a loophole that allows people to use bump-stocks to turn semi-automatic weapons into automatic weapons.
e Rs 50,000 in case of automatic weapon of prohibited bore and Rs 20,000 in case of automatic gun.
Earlier on Monday, a 15-year-old Palestinian boy from the refugee camp of Shuafat in East Jerusalem was arrested at a nearby checkpoint after an automatic gun was detected in his pants.
BAGHDAD / Nina / Ministry of Defense announced on Sunday the killing of / 26 / terrorists and the destruction of an automatic gun mounted on one of the houses and the bombing of a car bomb in Tikrit in Salah al-Din province.
The deceased, who died on the way to the hospital, had in his possession an automatic gun and ammunition.
Remembering these PM pointers can keep your M230 automatic gun the hotshot weapon it deserves to be.
But the next morning a mum-of-three was sent a harrowing picture - apparently taken at the park at about 6pm the previous day, showing a man brandishing an automatic gun.
The range offers 20 shooting lanes, all with the latest ventilation and the capability to shoot high-power rifles, along with providing fully automatic gun rentals, training courses on Hunter's Safety and Advanced CPL/CCW, and bonus events like Bowling Pin and IPSIC shoots.
The bus was detained in the district of Kharef over the past few days after being caught carrying plates of automatic gun ammunition, sniper guns, a gun machine (Jeteri), as well as plates of Cique gun and handgun ammunition, the security services told the Security Information Center of the ministry.
30 on charges of violating the gun control law after airport officials found the automatic gun in his bag while he was transferring to a flight for Bangkok, they said.
This automatic gun is recommended for large fluid outputs and very high viscosity material applications.
Christopher was pronounced dead at Baystate Medical Centre, in Springfield, on Sunday afternoon, shortly after firing the micro Uzi - his first time shooting a fully automatic gun - at the Machine Gun Shoot and Firearms Expo at the Westfield Sportsman's Club, co-sponsored by COP Firearms & Training.

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