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Noun1.automatic washer - a home appliance for washing clothes and linens automaticallyautomatic washer - a home appliance for washing clothes and linens automatically
white goods - large electrical home appliances (refrigerators or washing machines etc.) that are typically finished in white enamel
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Tenders are invited for Design, Supply, Erection And Commissioning Of Fully Automatic Washer Extractor Qty One No
After extolling the value of a dryer during the winter months, we eventually convinced her to use an automatic washer and dryer.
However, the company led automatic tumble dryers with a 40% volume share and automatic washer dryers with a 62% volume share in 2015.
The lack of space in flats and maisonettes drove demand for combination products such as automatic washer dryers.
UKPRwire, Wed Feb 18 2015] Demand for all-in-one automatic washer dryers continues to increase substantially in Colombia, largely the expense of automatic washing machines and automatic tumble dryers.
SOUTHBORO - Another monkey has died at the New England Primate Research Center (SEE PUBLISHED CORRECTION), just a little more than a year after the Harvard Medical School facility was cited for sending a dead caged monkey through an automatic washer.
Until a few years ago, however, it entailed a full day's hard work while today we just put the clothes in the automatic washer and forget about them until it's done.
Using a system of sensors and basins, the world's first pre-prayer automatic washer, called Wudu Washer, will soon find its way to mosques and possibly airports in the UAE, according to AACE Technologies, the Malaysian manufacturer.
The Journal homemaker: Three-bedroom link villa in Brunswick Green, Wideopen, with hall, fitted wardrobes, kitchen/ dinette with breakfast bar and teak-finish units, plumbed for automatic washer, fully-tiled bathroom, airing cupboard with immersion heater, gardens and detached garage, invites offers of around pounds 16,950.
Automatic washer detergents formulated specifically for laboratory washers can meet specific needs.
The automatic washer behind the station at 18th Avenue and Willamette Street was destroyed Thursday when a motorist stomped the gas pedal instead of the brake and brought the whole structure down on her 2002 Toyota Camry.
Even when scrubber and clothesline turned into automatic washer and dryer, the equipment in years past was an afterthought, placed in a dingy area of the basement or garage where it competed for space with a greasy lawn mower.

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