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Noun1.automobile driver - someone who drives racing cars at high speedsautomobile driver - someone who drives racing cars at high speeds
finisher - a racing driver who finishes a race
driver - the operator of a motor vehicle
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The numerous market players are involved in extensive research for creating a compact and well-designed clutch system that is equipped with an enhanced automotive pressure plate to improve the driving experience of the automobile driver. The Automotive Pressure Plate Market has gained greater traction owing to the increasing use of the automotive pressure plate in the automotive industries of emerging countries that are experiencing the demand for automotive vehicles on a large scale.
The trial judge entered judgment notwithstanding the verdict in favor of the city, and denied a new trial motion against the estate of the automobile driver and the nonprofit agency.
As this century progresses, it is possible insureds may be more likely to be injured by a line of code than by an automobile driver.
And the effect on your automobile driver's licence doesn't stop there.
Heyer, a 32-year-old paralegal, was killed by an automobile driver apparently bent on mayhem.
The petitioner's interpretation of the statute "would lead to the absurd result that the greater the degree of intoxication of an automobile driver, the less the degree of his [or her] accountability" (Matter of Carey v Melton, 64 AD2d 983, 983; see People v Kates, 53 NY2d 591, 596).
A recent accident in which a young boy was hit by a car because he suddenly emerged from behind parked vehicles, which blocked the automobile driver's view, is just the latest example of the danger posed by allowing people to use roads as their private garages.
Every automobile driver has complete command of his vehicle.
Along with the automobile driver Aydyn Aydoy-an, Onur Saydam, 38, Asym Aydoy-an,15, GE-lseren Adaly,45, ME-zeyyen Ecelik,63, Sefer Adaly,82, Hasan Ecelik, 73, Esra Mantarcy, 20, E[currency]erife Aydoy-an, 31 were also taken under treatment..
The idea of transferring risk from an automobile driver to a machine is fraught with complexities.
If you're an automobile driver and you think that your boss is being unfair to you well then worry not because your rights are protected under the relevant labour laws and you can approach a labour forum to have the same enforced to your benefit.

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