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Noun1.automobile driver - someone who drives racing cars at high speedsautomobile driver - someone who drives racing cars at high speeds
finisher - a racing driver who finishes a race
driver - the operator of a motor vehicle
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An automobile driver who runs out of gas in the middle of nowhere is thought to be irresponsible, but such common sense isn't applied to our civilization.
However, on a national basis for the last available year, 1997, police reports show 68 percent of fatal accidents between cars and trucks were primarily related to actions of the automobile driver.
In our case, involving a collision between a motorcycle and an automobile, either the motorcyclist was going too fast and the automobile driver could not be faulted, or the motorcyclist was driving at a reasonable speed but the automobile driver failed to check her rearview mirror.
It was 1927, and America was just beginning to realize, perhaps not as profoundly as Goodman, that the country was not designed for the automobile driver.
Given these inequities, why is the automobile driver responsible for the safety of a motorcyclist who willingly chooses to accept the high element of risk?
If they were, we blame the automobile driver and rightly so.
Once an automobile driver in the UK reaches the age of 70 they must re-apply for their driving license.
There are enormous cognitive, perceptual and motor tasks an automobile driver must complete, frequently very quickly and with split-second precision.
If the automobile driver who can't see you is blinded by an oncoming vehicle and doesn't avoid you (because they can't see you), you end up the loser.
The product, which allows Hanover to better gauge the potential risk of an automobile driver and price such policies accordingly, was introduced in 11 states in 2006, and is now available in 16 states.
Great American will also offer customized Loss Prevention tools and services like Staff Screening Procedures, Playground Equipment Safety Inspections and Automobile Driver Training and Safety Courses at no additional cost to policyholders.
The system provides auditory and visual warnings to the automobile driver.

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