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Noun1.automobile factory - a factory where automobiles are manufacturedautomobile factory - a factory where automobiles are manufactured
factory, manufactory, manufacturing plant, mill - a plant consisting of one or more buildings with facilities for manufacturing
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About 400km away, another automobile factory is implementing Ericsson's 5G networking solutions for secure and near real-time data networking across the production chain.
Automobile Factory) and started building his own cars.
Founded in order to produce in 1969 in Turkey, the Renault-branded cars and 49% of Oyak its activities today and continues with French Renault a 51% share of the Group Oyak Renault Automobile Factory, the annual 360 thousand cars and 750 thousand engines Renault West with a production capacity It is one of the production facilities with the highest capacity outside Europe.
Without quoting any of its specific sources, Automobilwoch indicated that the Volkswagen Supervisory Board had decided to build its automobile factory near Izmir.
It is the home of two production facilities known as the Toledo Complex, an automobile factory that began assembling Willys-Overland vehicles as early as 1910.
The minister recalled that the country already has a joint automobile factory Khazar, which has produced more than one thousand cars since the start of operations.
The automaker's United States direct and contractor workforce includes around 8,400 at the automobile factory in Smyrna and 1,900 at the power train (engine and transmission parts) in Decherd.
The company also manufactures two cars in cooperation with a Chinese automobile factory.
Head of Board of Directors Mosad Rashed Tuesday penned a memo to establish an automobile factory in the port city.
To prepare for this growth, the company unveiled plans for two major new facilities today: a brand-new building near its original automobile factory for expanding fuel cell stack mass production, and a new line in an existing plant to manufacture high-pressure hydrogen tanks.

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