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Noun1.automobile industry - the manufacturers of automobiles considered collectivelyautomobile industry - the manufacturers of automobiles considered collectively
industry - the people or companies engaged in a particular kind of commercial enterprise; "each industry has its own trade publications"
auto maker, auto manufacturer, automaker, car maker, car manufacturer, carmaker - a business engaged in the manufacture of automobiles
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Through most of the twentieth century, the automobile industry furnishes an ideal locus for the study of the rough and respectable manhood of American workers.
Just as other industries, such as the automobile industry, have their own XML derivatives for communications among trading partners for e-commerce, so too will the telecommunications industry via tML.
In 1999, the automobile industry accounted for nearly 61 per cent of palladium demand.
It's not often you hear an automobile industry supplier asking the car assemblers for mandates.
Unions will remain important in certain private industries in the United States, like the automobile industry, the steel industry, and the railways.
Transforming the Latin American Automobile Industry: Unions, Workers, and the Politics of Restructuring.
He was the most powerful African American in the global automobile industry, and one of few blacks to gain access to the executive boardroom, and many wondered where the next Roberts would come from.
Their ultimate goal is to build cars that can use fuel cells rather than internal combustion engines." He went on to describe what he sees is "the most dramatic change...the progressive modularization of all manufacturing processes, especially the automobile industry. If things keep going the way they are moving now, early in the next century, car makers will be putting about a dozen or so 'modules' together and presto--you'll have an automobile."
Fuel cell technology is just one of the initiatives that the California Air Resources Board has encouraged the automobile industry to explore, says spokesman Richard W.
Although we are a new entrant, we consider ourselves to be a part of the American automobile industry. We have tried through the MVMA and through direct contacts to maintain a cooperative policy toward the other companies in the American automobile industry.
To that end, the free marketeers are forever reciting the list of MITI's greatest errors: its failure to forecast--or support--the growth of Japan's automobile industry (Honda was advised to stick to motorcycles); its over-investment in steel during the sixties and in aluminum during the seventies; and the failure of its "Fifth Generation" computing program.
The automobile industry in Europe poses interesting challenges for the Community.

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