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Noun1.automobile race - a race between (usually high-performance) automobilesautomobile race - a race between (usually high-performance) automobiles
race - a contest of speed; "the race is to the swift"
Grand Prix - one of several international races
rally - an automobile race run over public roads
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In 1912, King Alfonso XIII of Spain became the first member of royalty to compete in an automobile race.
As a newlywed, she was the first woman to travel across the United States by car, participating with Bill in a transcontinental automobile race from Seattle to New York City.
The participants love to drive and participate in the timed automobile race.
The Dakar rally, widely considered the world's toughest automobile race, has been held in South America since 2009 due to concerns about terrorism.
Ferrari, a subsidiary of Fiat SpA (NYSE: FIA)(ISE: IT0001976403), has launched the special-edition F12tdf, celebrating the historic Tour de France automobile race.
The participants of automobile race took off from the Khorgos (Kazakhstan) on June 1, and arrived in Kyrgyzstan on June 3.
So on July 22, 1894, the world's first automobile race was staged between Paris and Rouen, a distance of about 80 miles.
Every year, millions of visitors flock to its annual Monaco Grand Prix automobile race, beaches, casinos, performing arts venues, boating facilities, and other tourist attractions.
The articles covered everything from "extreme cuisine" to the first Indianapolis 500 automobile race, the world's largest shark to the estate in Devon where Agatha Christie spent her summers.
The 32nd running of the Dakar Series (simply known as "The Dakar") is an annual off-road automobile race run over a fortnight in January each year.
Aertnijs, for instance, who succeeded in persuading the Automobile Club de France to point the great international automobile race of 1898 to Amsterdam instead of Vienna; the history of the tourist association ANWB, initiator of the Ligue internationale des associations touristes (LIAT); of Spyker, the famous Dutch automobile producer; or of the events of 1903, when the Dutch authorities hired automobiles in order to break a strike with the postal services.
But the train, plane and automobile race from Cardiff to Venue Cymru organised as a publicity stunt.