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Noun1.automobile race - a race between (usually high-performance) automobilesautomobile race - a race between (usually high-performance) automobiles
race - a contest of speed; "the race is to the swift"
Grand Prix - one of several international races
rally - an automobile race run over public roads
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To mark the legendary Indy 500 automobile race on Sunday, TAG Heuer has launched two sporty timepieces that feature a design inspired by the annual event.
* In 1912, King Alfonso XIII of Spain became the first member of royalty to compete in an automobile race.
Monaco's city tour is no ordinary city tour, as it takes you up and down some of the most celebrated automobile race roads in history; the Monaco Grand Prix, which has been taking place in the country since 1929 is widely considered to be one of the most important and prestigious car races in the world.
He was one of the best and most talented racers of his generation, with the potential to become the first world champion "on both two wheels and four." A sudden accident while practicing for an automobile race ended his brief yet brilliant life at the young age of 25.
1895: The world's first proper automobile race, Paris-Bordeaux-Paris, saw the fastest finisher cover the 732 miles at an average speed of just over 15mph.
As a newlywed, she was the first woman to travel across the United States by car, participating with Bill in a transcontinental automobile race from Seattle to New York City.
1901 American automaker Henry Ford enters his first and last automobile race and wins.
The participants love to drive and participate in the timed automobile race. The race also uses conventional cars and takes place within a closed circuit track.
The highlight was to be an airplane verses automobile race between Moisant and a 155-horsepower Fiat race car.
The Dakar rally, widely considered the world's toughest automobile race, has been held in South America since 2009 due to concerns about terrorism.
Ferrari, a subsidiary of Fiat SpA (NYSE: FIA)(ISE: IT0001976403), has launched the special-edition F12tdf, celebrating the historic Tour de France automobile race.
The participants of automobile race took off from the Khorgos (Kazakhstan) on June 1, and arrived in Kyrgyzstan on June 3.