automobile traffic

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Noun1.automobile traffic - cars coming and goingautomobile traffic - cars coming and going    
vehicle traffic, vehicular traffic - the aggregation of vehicles coming and going in a particular locality
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This week, the GPS manufacturer TomTom released the results of its annual survey of automobile traffic congestion in 403 cities around the globe, which reveals which cities suffer from the worst traffic conditions.
These quakes are so small that they can be difficult to spot amid the background noise that appears in seismic data, such as shaking from automobile traffic or building construction.
We wish to alleviate the cut-through automobile traffic in our community.
TIG/m designed, manufactured, and installed the public transportation system of MDD, aimed at reducing automobile traffic and providing eco-friendly, convenient travel in Downtown Doha.
Although many factors cannot be controlled in streetcar operations automobile traffic flow, for example, bad curbside parkers and how quickly people board transit officials and the MAPS 3 citizens oversight subcommittee said some system chaos can be mitigated via traffic signal lights.
Up to 10 trains per day will be able to bypass the city, thus reducing impediments to automobile traffic.
Huang studied the mathematical representation of jet streams and discovered that they have very similar patterns to automobile traffic, with blocking the equivalent of traffic jams.
Flashing advertisements, video screens playing production clips, and the constant buzz of pedestrian and automobile traffic met us everywhere we turned.
* Ning Zhu, Yinglu Deng, and An Hu, Tsinghua University, "Real Life Experience and Financial Risk-Taking: Natural Experiment Evidence from Automobile Traffic Accidents"
Among the uses are cycling without worrying about automobile traffic, which is especially important for families with children.
The governor was briefed on the routes of Hussaini processions and services provided, such as concrete barriers to ensure the safety of citizens against automobile traffic, as well as the safety requirements to be met at Hussaini stalls.