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 (ô′tə-mō-bēl′, -mō′bēl′)
A self-propelled passenger vehicle that usually has four wheels and an internal-combustion engine, used for land transport. Also called motorcar.
Of or relating to automobiles; automotive.

[French : Greek auto-, auto- + French mobile, mobile (from Old French; see mobile).]

au′to·mo·bil′ist n.
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Someone who loves and collects automobiles.
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Noun1.automobilist - someone who drives (or travels in) an automobileautomobilist - someone who drives (or travels in) an automobile
driver - the operator of a motor vehicle
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Les automobilist doivent prendre conscience de la gravitAaAaAeA@ de leur geste car il s'ag en prioritAaAaAeA@ de la sAaAaAeA@curitAaAaAeA@ publique.
Bars boast one of the best goaltenders in Konstantin Barulin, although he was surprisingly beaten three times in Sunday's unlikely 3-1 defeat Recommendation Barys Astana 1pt 13-5 bet365 Scan this tag for bet365's markets on this match by Automobilist. That ended a run of five straight wins and the conference leaders will want to bounce back.
Dat de mens een wolf is voor andere mensen, is dagehjks op straat te ervaren waar de voetganger en de fietser worden belaagd door de automobilist in zijn autistische cocon.
Care has been taken to ensure that all the controls are comfortably within the reach of the automobilist and the wide range of fun youthful features include 2-DIN audio system featuring an AM/FM radio, seven speakers and a CD auto-changer is also available, set in the trunk.
In order to meet these varying situations, and impose upon the automobilist [sic] the duty of anticipating them and guarding against the dangers that arise out of them, this statute was evidently passed in the interests of the public safety in a public highway.
(10) "An Interesting Plant," New York Tribune, 23 October 1901:7; Dexter Marshall, "In the Eye of the World: Samuel Untermyer, Modern Millionaire Lawyer, International Policy Holder's Counsel, Dog Fancier, Yachtsman and Automobilist", Richmond Times Dispatch, 27 May 1906: 7-3.
The World Bank designed the study and commissioned the Euro Health Group to implement it, facilitated by the Georgian Ministry of Health, Labour and Social Affairs and the Ministry of Economy and Trade, and with help from The Georgian Seamen's Medical Centre, The Georgian Seafarer's Union, the Automobilist Garage in Batumi and the NGOs Tanadgoma (Batumi), Steps to the Future (Gori) and Association Mega (Poti).
Like the wayfarers run down by the automobilist, they are offered up to the God of Speed.
Este, daca vreti, un automobilist care circula cu viteza, dar numai pe contasens, numai pe contrasensuri.
But, Leslie was no automobilist. In fact, many times I held my heart, surprised we kept to the narrow roads: always a little safer along the high hedged lanes; convinced we were protected by one of those many ancient Celtic Saints.
Such parties as the Automobilist Party in Switzerland, the Progress Party in Denmark and the Progress Party in Norway indeed could be said to represent a materialist and culturally conservative backlash against modern environmentalism.