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The process of self-digestion by a cell through the action of enzymes originating within the same cell.
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(ɔːˈtɒfədʒɪ) or


the consumption of one's own tissue by biting oneself
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autophagy, autophagia

Medicine. 1. the eating of one’s own body.
2. the nutrition of the body by its own tissues, as in dieting. — autophagous, adj.
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M2 PHARMA-June 12, 2019-Deciphera Pharmaceuticals Expands Pipeline with Potential First-in-class Autophagy Inhibitor to Treat Mutant RAS Cancers
Deciphera Pharmaceuticals announced earlier today the addition of a new candidate to its pipeline, DCC-3116, a potential "first-in-class" small molecule designed to inhibit cancer autophagy. DCC-3116 is designed to inhibit autophagy by inhibiting the ULK kinase.
Autophagy is the non-selective bulk degradation system which uses lysosomal enzymes to degrade proteins as well as other intracellular components [1], Increasing evidence has demonstated that autophagy has a pivotal role in the recycling mechanism for proteins and organelles to maintain the nutrient supply under stress conditions such as starvation [2].
Autophagy, characterized by a highly evolutionarily conserved progress, is a process that degrades excessive, damaged, or aged proteins and organelles to maintain cellular homeostasis (2).
Autophagy is the major intracellular degradation system by which cytoplasmic materials are delivered to and degraded in the lysosome.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Scientists studying the relationship of telomeres to cancer made a surprising discovery: a cellular recycling process called autophagy -- generally thought of as a survival mechanism -- actually promotes the death of cells, thereby preventing cancer initiation.
In this study, we established cardiac arrest cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) model in severe combined immunodeficient (SCID) mice, analyzed the expression and activation of mitochondrial autophagy and NLRP3 inflammasome/caspase-1, and explored mitochondrial repair and inflammatory injury in immunodeficiency individual during systemic ischemia-reperfusion injury.
The process, known as autophagy, delivers the waste to cell compartments called lysosomes.
In those subgroups, the zone of stasis tissue was excised and stored in 10% formalin at 4[degrees]C, and then the tissues were used to determine apoptosis and the autophagy levels by immunohistochemical examinations.
Summary: Washington D.C [USA] Aug 29(ANI): Researchers have discovered that cell metabolism plays an important role in the ability of cells to start a survival program called autophagy, an unwanted side effect of some anti-cancer drugs that help some tumor cells dodge treatment and eventually regrow into new tumours.
In B cells from patients, a decrease in the in vitro production of antibodies was observed, together with an increase in apoptosis and a defect in the starvation-induced autophagy (2).