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Genotyping analysis: Each allele appeared has a peak on electropherogram and as band on autoradiogram like tiff image file generated by Licor 4300 Genetic Analyzer.
The autoradiogram showed a white band on a black background that corresponded to the sphingomyelinase activity.
Students are reminded that nucleic acid is not normally visible on the filter at this point, but upon adding a probe that is, for example, specific for the molecule represented by the red dye, that molecule will be detected on an autoradiogram.
Historically, the standard approach to measuring mtDNA content is Southern blot analysis with radioactive probes for both mtDNA and nuclear DNA, followed by densitometric analysis of the autoradiogram or phosphoimage (18).
sup32p]dCTP-labeled Cp3-13 probe, and viewed by autoradiogram.
Make also a drawing of the autoradiogram for control mice and transgenic mice that contain two copies of the transgene.
Restriction sites were inferred by examination of autoradiogram banding patterns from adjacent cpDNA clones.
Classically, people use restriction enzyme digests (to characterize the DNA), they hold a piece of film up on an autoradiogram and look for common patterns.
2) Band intensity of the autoradiogram shown in Figure 1, are arbitrary units given by image analyzer.
All PCR reactions were run in triplicate and only reproducible and consistent PCR fragments were scored visually as present and absent on the autoradiogram.
Figure 2B shows the original IS6110 RFLP autoradiogram image of the lane with the additional band and two representative images from other laboratories.
To keep the focus sharply on this issue, it considers only cases in wh is no doubt as to the existence and measurements of the bands on the autoradiogram.