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An expressway in France or another area where French is spoken.

[French : auto, automobile; see auto + route, road (from Old French; see route).]


(Automotive Engineering) a French motorway
[from French, from auto car + route road]


(ˈɔ toʊˌrut)

a principal highway, esp. in France and French-speaking Canada.
[1960–65; < French]
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Le ministre a, en effet, mis l'accent sur l'importance de cette autoroute qui contribuera au rapprochement de la region aux grands poles economiques, a l'allegement de la circulation et au renforcement des echanges commerciaux et touristiques avec l'Algerie ainsi que les autres pays du Maghreb.
Rosie Sanderson, of the AA, said: "Drivers could to be caught up in congestion on the traditional Autoroute du Soleil via Lyon, as well as routes via Bordeaux to the South West and through Clermont Ferrand.
The site, north of the previous location in Longueuil, is near Autoroute 30 on the south shore of Montreal.
The ISF managed by its Information Department to catch hold of the kidnappers through tricking them into beleiving that they will get the ransom on Jbeil autoroute where the two abductors, one Syrian and another unknown, used to hide the child in Bab Tebbaneh, appeared only to fall in the hands of the ISF, when the latter fired at the wheels of an escaping bus on board of which were the abductor.
La mere et son enfant circulaient en voiture sur une autoroute a l'ouest d'Oklahoma City lorsque leur vehicule a ete emporte par la tornade.
He was a design manager for the reconstruction of Interstate 15 in Salt Lake City, Utah, led the design of the Tacoma Narrows (suspension) Bridge Project in Tacoma, Washington, was the design-build manager of Autoroute 25, the first public-private partnership in Montreal, Quebec, and is currently working on the Midtown Tunnel Project, a $1.
La societe les considere aussi responsables des derives et infractions graves commises lors de ces greves (arret de la circulation sur autoroute, ouverture forcee en exonere des guichets de peage, agression du personnel d'ADM et des agents ne participants pas aux greves) Repondant vendredi aux journalistes lors d'une conference de presse, le Directeur general d'ADM, Othmane Fassi Fihri, a indique que ces mouvements sont organises a l'appel surtout de l'Union marocaine du travail (UMT) et que c'est aux societes prestataires de repondre a leurs revendications et non pas ADM.
Earlier today, the French firm and Microsoft said that the US group's packages Microsoft Office, Windows 7, Visio, Project, Expression Studio, Map Point and AutoRoute will be marketed in France on web portal Avanquest Partner Online.
Driving through central France last year we came across an overturned car on a major autoroute.
If so then it is continued in France - 60 seconds after restarting the engine we are on the autoroute and heading south.
The trucker madness has been reported by horrified French autoroute workmen.