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Adj.1.autosemantic - of a word or phrase meaningful in isolation, independent of context
linguistics - the scientific study of language
categorematic - of a term or phrase capable of standing as the subject or (especially) the predicate of a proposition
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(3) The division is also known in the literature as content and function words (Jolly 1991), corresponding to autosemantic and synsemantic words in the Croatian grammar tradition (Silic and Pranjkovic 2007).
He considers the traditional distinction between content or autosemantic words (nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs) and function or synsemantic words (prepositions, conjunctions, etc.), based on a set of both formal (morphosyntactic) and functional (semantic-pragmatic) criteria.
By virtue of the peculiarities of the Russian language, the sound system of a word plays another role in poetry: 'phoenetics equal to semantics' - consonances possess a different 'audibility.'" From the added significance of autosemantic sounds in Russian comes Brodsky's deliberately fiat and "prosaic" music in his late verse (which he himself said was designed to voice the dullness of eternity).