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 (ô′tō-strä′də, ou′tō-)
An expressway in Italy or another area where Italian is spoken.

[Italian : auto, automobile; see auto + strada, street (from Late Latin strāta, paved road; see street).]


(Automotive Engineering) an Italian motorway
[from Italian, from auto car + strada road]


(ˈɔ toʊˌstrɑ də, ˈaʊ toʊ-)

n., pl. -stra•das, -stra•de (-ˌstrɑ deɪ)
(in Italy) a divided highway connecting major cities.
[1925–30; < Italian, =auto auto + strada road « Latin (via) strāta; see street]
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Noun1.autostrada - an expressway in an Italian-speaking countryautostrada - an expressway in an Italian-speaking country
expressway, freeway, motorway, pike, state highway, superhighway, throughway, thruway - a broad highway designed for high-speed traffic
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Fitch placed Abertis's IDR on RWE following Atlantia's tender offer to buy 100% of Abertis's shares in May 2017 (for further details see "Fitch Places Atlantia and Autostrade per l'Italia on RWN; Abertis on RWE" at www.
Implementing agency : Autostrade Per L~italia Spa Direzione 1 Tronco Genova
45am on Sunday, a vehicle of the central security forces transporting a group of officers and conscripts on the Autostrade Road was attacked by an explosive device planted on the side of the road," the ministry said in its statement.
The rest can be seen begging on the traffic lights of the posh Abu Rummaneh Street or on the Mezzeh Autostrade, occupied by senior government officials, foreign diplomats, and the UN.
In Italy the bid for a takeover of highway company Autostrade by Spanish Albertis was disabled.
Rosi's camera scrutinizes the GRA in daylight and at nighttime, during verdant springtime and when winter layers the autostrade in gray slush.
Later in April, Carige said it would add fund manager Carige Asset Management SGR, as well as its stake in motorway Autostrade dei Fiori SpA to the assets earmarked for potential sale as part of the divestment plan.
The three ventures are as follows: Koc Holding AE[currency]-UEM Group Berhad-GE[micro]zde GiriE-im Sermayesi Yatyrym Ortaklyy-y AE[currency] Ortak GiriE-im Grubu; Nurol Holding AE[currency]-MV Holding AE[currency]-Alsim Alarko Sanayi Tesisleri ve Ticaret AE[currency]-Kalyon ynE-t Sanayi ve Ticaret AE[currency]-Fernas ynE-t AE[currency] Ortak GiriE-im Grubu; and Autostrade Per I'Italia SPA-Doy-uE- Holding AE[currency]-Makyol ynE-t Sanayi Turizm ve Ticaret AE[currency]-Akfen Holding AE[currency] Ortak GiriE-im Grubu.
Luttwak: According to an Italian Treasury report of September 29, 2011, Italy is indeed well endowed with saleable assets: their total for real estate, infrastructures such as the autostrade, and shares in utilities and other entities, is 571 billion [euro], equivalent to 30 percent of the current public debt, without counting less saleable assets such as natural parks, Pompei, the Uffizi, and so forth (the report cites a highly theoretical total of 1.
Il primo lungometraggio prosegue sulla strada intrapresa nei precedenti lavori del regista --in particolare i due mediometraggi Paesaggio con figure (1983) e Giulia in ottobre (1985)--e presenta sullo sfondo una Milano colta in quadri fissi e anonimi, come le numerose architetture moderne, le autostrade o le strade serali fredde e inospitali, che con le loro forme spettrali accentuano il sentimento di oppressione angosciosa del vivere odierno.