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n. Psychology
The process by which a person induces self-acceptance of an opinion, belief, or plan of action.

au′to·sug·gest′ v.
au′to·sug·gest′i·bil′i·ty (-ə-bĭl′ĭ-tē) n.
au′to·sug·gest′i·ble adj.
au′to·sug·ges′tive (-tĭv) adj.
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Genau gesagt hatte die Akklamation zunachst autosuggestive Funktion, durch die sich die Mitglieder des volkischen Kollektivs personliches Engagement bei der Findung politischer Entscheidungen vorgaukeln und damit ihre eigene Ohnmacht verdrangen konnten.
Rudolf's pursuit symbolically embraces the Habsburg ambition to hegemony, although it may not have been free of wishful autosuggestive thinking.
He is a loafer--he spends his time sitting, fretting, and repeating obsessively to himself "I'm so busy" in an autosuggestive manner.