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having a purpose in and justifying itself


(ˌɔ təˈtɛl ɪk)

(of an entity or event) having within itself the purpose of its existence or happening. Compare heterotelic.
au`to•tel′ism, n.
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Adj.1.autotelic - of or relating to or believing in autotelismautotelic - of or relating to or believing in autotelism
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Autotelic utilizes therapeutic drug monitoring to achieve consistent drug levels benefiting both efficacy and toxicity in multiple indications.
In essence, the experience becomes autotelic, which means that the activity is pursued for its own sake based on the inherent intrinsic rewards gained from the process (as opposed to the outcome) of the experience.
Both Sennett and Newfield would agree that meaningful human activity and authentic human agency are defined by a craft impulse, or a quasi-anthropological, autotelic drive to do something very, very well.
Empson may have initiated a particular method of critical reading, but he never gave up on authorial intention and rejected the notion of an autotelic text.
First, they all meet the definition of autotelic activities; there is no reason to do them except that you may find them pleasurable.
20) The playful don Manuel reminds us that "the pleasure in playing is autotelic, coming not from what it 'earns' but from enjoying the actions in themselves" (Schechner 91), which is another reason to stress that his sense of duty and his genuine suffering are part and parcel with the most basic sense of finalidad that is part of any deliberately experienced life.
Modernist art, exemplified by Abstract Expressionism, was meant to be appreciated freely and in self-reflective, autotelic terms.
Thanks to its autotelic character, games would bring needed novelty and fun to be interesting for children in schoolwork.
Ultimately, the desire to know the virtuous slayers of Avarice becomes its own kind of honorific, autotelic excess.
But for Cyril, who had "put the doubt behind [him]" at Baldwin's urging and grasped at the "Holy Grail" of purely autotelic art, aestheticism has proven a failure (683, 686).
A traditional approach towards cultural diversity in particular societies as an autotelic value results from basic values shared by a democratic society, being especially devoted to such values as: human rights, equality and freedom.
A structural equation model, in which the satisfaction of basic psychological needs positively predicted the self-determined motivation to exercise, which, in turn, predicted the frequency of autotelic experiences (enjoyment), was tested.