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A poison that acts on the organism in which it is generated.

au′to·tox′ic adj.
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It is thought that the autotoxic side effect of cisplatin is caused by binding to DNA and causing apoptosis and activation of inflammatory cascade pathway leading to oxidative stress in the cell [6].
Vanle, "Aldehyde dehydrogenase inhibition generates a reactive dopamine metabolite autotoxic to dopamine neurons," Parkinsonism & Related Disorders, vol.
Identification of autotoxic compounds in fibrous roots of Rehmannia (Rehmannia glutinosa Libosch.).
Sorghum is known to provide a good weed killing capacity and on the other hand it is also autotoxic and should be rotated with other crops for maximum yield.
This particular study proposed that by virtue of the "selective stimulation of neutrophil apoptosis" that "proteolytic enzymes may play an important role in the normal resolution of inflammation by limiting the autotoxic potential of the neutrophil." (5)
Autotoxic antibiotic production by a marine Chromobacterium.
Compared to constitutive resistance, facultative defenses imply a lower risk of pathogen adaptation (Boyd, 2006), as well as lower direct and indirect costs of defense under enemy-free conditions--for example, because energy is saved or exposure to autotoxic defensive compounds is reduced (Agrawal and Karban, 1999).
autotoxic. Wheat is recognized to be self-incompatible, too.