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A poison that acts on the organism in which it is generated.

au′to·tox′ic adj.


(Pathology) any poison or toxin formed in the organism upon which it acts. See autointoxication
ˌautoˈtoxic adj
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It has been suggested that replanting disease is induced by autotoxins exuded by the roots, and some research effort has been dedicated to identifying the nature of these autotoxins (Wu et al.
Mutual interference - a reduction in feeding rate in the presence of high densities of conspecifics - occurs in some species of planktonic copepods and cladocerans, and is caused by the production of autotoxins (often called "allelopathic chemicals") (e.
The results indicated that harmful microorganisms increase and beneficial microorganisms decrease, which were mediated by the accumulated autotoxins in rhizosphere soil of consecutively monocultured P.