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(Medicine) med a process in which a patient receives some of his or her own blood in a transfusion rather than a donor's blood


(ˌɔ toʊ trænsˈfyu ʒən)

a blood transfusion using the recipient's own blood, either from a previously stored supply or from blood recovered during surgery.


n (Med) → Eigenbluttransfusion f


n. autotranfusión, transfusión de la propia sangre del individuo.
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M2 PHARMA-December 16, 2016-Terumo Cardiovascular to Disribute Fresenius Kabi's CATSmart Autotransfusion System in US
Autotransfusion involves the collection of blood before surgeries and its transfusion during cardiac operations.
It also provides clinical professionals who are trained and experienced in autotransfusion, minimally invasive surgical support, sterile processing, surgical assist, and blood management programs.
Birds were divided into 4 groups: untreated (control group) and treated with intravenous hetastarch (haes group), with a hemoglobin-based oxygen carrier (hemospan group), or by autotransfusion (blood group).
Such shortages have spurred innovations in autotransfusion, the process wherein a person receives his/her own blood for transfusion instead of banked donor blood.
The process of administration involves autotransfusion of the patient's own treated white blood cells.
Con esta informacion, el New York Times, se suma a la teoria de la autotransfusion apuntada por el diario frances L'Equipe y la cadena de television alemana ARD cuando se anuncio el positivo de Contador.
Blood replacement and autotransfusion in major vascular surgery.
In a move to further broaden its extensive portfolio of open heart surgery equipment, JOSTRA has obtained an exclusive worldwide license for exploiting a new autotransfusion technology developed by BIOSAFE.
A national survey of nearly 5,000 surgery patients at 18 university hospitals during January and February 1986 found that only 5 percent of the 590 patients considered eligible for autotransfusion donated their own blood.