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1. A transplant of tissue or an organ within the same individual, usually from one location to another.
2. The tissue or organ transplanted in such a procedure; an autograft.

au′to·trans′plant′ v.
au′to·trans′plan·ta′:tion (-plăn-tā′shən) n.
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n. autotransplante, autoinjerto, V.: autograft.
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Made from a patient's own pancreatic islets, Kyslecel islet cell therapy is used for TP-IAT (total pancreatectomy with islet autotransplant) to treat chronic or recurrent acute pancreatitis.
van Rhee et al., "Long-term outcome results of the first tandem autotransplant trial for multiple myeloma," British Journal of Haematology, vol.
Total parathyroidectomy (tPTX) with autotransplant performed by an experienced surgeon effectively reduces the levels of PTH, calcium, and phosphorus and also maintains a parathyroid tissue necessary for the proper functioning of the mineral metabolism [5-19].
Impact of rituximab and/or high-dose therapy with autotransplant at time of relapse in patients with follicular lymphoma: a GELA study.
Del 1p did not affect PFS in these patients after HDT and Autotransplant [66].
As he desired to resume eating as soon as possible at the sacrifice of his larynx, total pharyngolaryngectomy with jejunal autotransplant reconstruction was performed.
--Single bundle hamstring tendon graft prepared from m.semitendinosus and m.gracilis tendons strengthened with fresh bone autotransplant (compressed spongious bone) on the graft end.
Traditionally, the open surgical treatment of ureteric strictures included ureteroureterostomy, ureteral re-implantation, +/- psoas hitch, +/- boari flap, +/renal decensus, ileal ureter, autotransplant, or nephrectomy.
In 1902 in Vienna, Austria, Emerich Ullmann performed an autotransplant in which a dog's kidney was moved from the abdominal cavity to the neck.
Autotransplant success is based on how well the healing takes place af- ter the procedure (Czochrowska, et al.
For the preservation of parathyroid function, two strategies were adopted; either to preserve the glands in situ or to autotransplant at least one parathyroid gland in the ipsilateral sternocleidomastoid muscle, and, accordingly, the patients were divided into two groups.