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n. autovacunación, revacunación de una persona con uso de una vacuna obtenida con virus extraído del propio paciente.
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In our first case, we tried additional therapy with autovaccination. These vaccines, which consist of inactivated microorganisms, can be used in the treatment of chronic or recurrent infections [7, 8].
Herberman, "Therapeutic in situ autovaccination against solid cancers with intratumoral poly-ICLC: case report, hypothesis, and clinical trial," Cancer Immunology Research, vol.
Recent advances in treatment of these chronic cases, have thrown light on role of autovaccination with the isolated inactivated strain, local antibiotic perfusion systems, intra-arterial antibiotic therapy implants of antibiotic beads, etc.
Autovaccination and metabolic profiles at bovine papillomatosis.
The cat was then treated by peroral autovaccination with the heat-inactivated EHEC strain for 10 consecutive days and subsequently stopped shedding EHEC.
* Interest and research into structured treatment interruptions (also known as strategic treatment interruptions or STIs) in the non-PHI setting explodes as the theory of "autovaccination" becomes very popular.