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The following machines were presented at ITMA ASIA: Ring Spinning Frame EJM138/EJM168/EJM178 SERIES, EJK211 FLYER FRAME, AUTOWINDER EJP438, CL15 LAP Winder, CJ60 Cotton Comber, GA718 AIR JET LOOM, PG600 Flexible Rapier Weaving Machine, PML 301 Rotatory Screen Printing range, Heat Setting Machine, Spinning line for polyester Staple Fibre, Drawing line for Polyester Staple Fiber, POY spinning machine, GS669A Cone Winder, QJZ126-4 Single Circular Knitting Machine.
For unfiltered images, this tab functions like a conventional film camera's autowinder, enabling you to shoot a series of identical exposures.
A camera with an autowinder and foot-switch release allows colposcopists to keep their hands on the instruments and concentrate on the examination.
Produced as flat components, the reverse osmosis membranes are then wound by fully automated autowinders into spiral-shaped elements.