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Target: Heavy mining equipment and additional auxiliary equipment
The slight increase in total spending will be driven by a 5% bump in auxiliary equipment spending, reaching almost $1.66 billion.
The aim of this joint project is to test the extensibility of "ClassNK CMAXS LC-A", a cloud-based machinery maintenance system that uses sophisticated analysis software to analyze sensor data obtained in the engine room for automatic condition diagnoses and to detect any early signs of damage to auxiliary equipment.
In late 2012, the decision was made to make a substantial push by investing in and developing material handling and auxiliary equipment specifically for extrusion-based markets.
DPII established the first joint venture company in China the Diamond Power Machine (Hubei) Co Inc (DPMH) in 1987, a wholly owned foreign enterprise that will own and operate the facility and manufactures boiler auxiliary equipment for the Chinese utility, pulp and paper and industrial, as well as key export markets.
All other authorized items for the M16 and M4 are listed in the AAL in the -10 or the auxiliary equipment list in the -23&P These are the only items you're authorized to use on your M16 or M4.
The company's aftercare program offers complete field services and technical support for the company's mixers, as well as other brands of mixers, auxiliary equipment and controls.
plastics processors plan to invest heavily--very heavily--in primary machinery, auxiliary equipment, and molds this year, according to an exclusive survey conducted last August of subscribers Media, the Cincinnati-based parent of Plastics Technology.
The following companies provide auxiliary equipment for rubber processing.
Andritz will supply equipment for chip handling and impregnation, bleaching/washing, drying, and auxiliary equipment. Andritz will also engineer, supervise erection, train operators, and perform start-up services.

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