auxiliary pump

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Noun1.auxiliary pump - a supplementary pump available if needed
pump - a mechanical device that moves fluid or gas by pressure or suction
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The auxiliary pump should never be operated unless the pump is connected to a fuel source.
Their objective was to design and model an auxiliary pump that can be inserted directly into the left ventricle of damaged hearts.
This is often called "double pumping" because the channel is connected to an auxiliary pump to reduce the amount of gas available to permeate through the inner O-ring.
Large circulating systems may require the use of an on-site fluid-recycling company that can supply auxiliary pump capacity to generate a high velocity flush.
The furnaces are on an Evapco closed loop cooling system that includes one auxiliary pump and one that will inject city water into the system in the event of an emergency.
The MegaShear Inline High Shear Mixer combines high flow rates--up to 500 gpm without an auxiliary pump, high tip speeds--up to 18,000 fpm, and ultra high shear rates, all in a single pass.
When installing a two-pump spa system or replacing the pumps in an existing system, many technicians assume that a single-speed auxiliary pump drives the special jets.
fluid course for mud flow of up to 400 gpm with an auxiliary pump attached.
A third auxiliary pump is used in the auxiliary hydraulic functions with a swing motor that allows the upper structure to rotate around the lower structure.
The cast iron housing also incorporates an SAE C auxiliary pump drive that can be used to accommodate additional machine hydraulics.
Tenders are invited for Annual overhauling/servicing & breakdown maintenance of auxiliary pumps and associated equipments at auxiliary pump house.

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