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 (ôk′sə-trŏf, -trōf′)
An organism, such as a strain of bacteria, that has lost the ability to synthesize certain substances required for its growth and metabolism as the result of mutational changes.

[Back-formation from auxotrophic.]


(Microbiology) a mutant strain of microorganism having nutritional requirements additional to those of the normal organism
ˌauxoˈtrophic adj
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Induction of glycerol auxotrophs and production of L-glutamic acid from n-paraffins.
coli auxotrophs containing an evolved AM capable of producing the vital aminoacid-precursor will survive the stringent selection pressure.
Chlamydospore production and germ-tube formation by auxotrophs of candida albicans.
Nakamaya [16] cultured Brevibacterium and Corynebacterium auxotrophs on 20-40oC and reported maximum lysine production 17- 39g/L at 30oC that is also in support of our optimized temperature.
Reactive oxygen species are the major antibacterials * against Salmonella typhimurium purine auxotrophs in the phagosome of RAW 264.
2005) Tumor-targeting bacterial therapy with amino acid auxotrophs of GFP-expressing Salmonella typhimurium.
Este modelo surgio a partir del analisis de una clase de bacteria, llamada histidina auxotrophs, que no es capaz de producir su propia histidina (aminoacido necesario para construir las proteinas que son esenciales para la reproduccion celular).
tuberculosis auxotrophs or recombinant BCG over-expressing M.
Thus, they concluded that cadaverine synthesis in polyamine starved polyamine auxotrophs must occur via release of feedback inhibition of lysine decarboxylase rather than by induction of this enzyme.